Day 5

Day 5 and the last one of daily outfit challenge.
Weather report was showing fog and rain today, but instead we had little bit more of sunshine than previous days and it was little bit to warm for my sweatshirt.

*I just love the looks people are giving me when I’m walking down the street wearing this top.

photo 2-1 photo 1-1 photo 3-1



I was wearing …

Givenchy sweatshirt
Zara jeans
Kenzo shoes

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Day 4

This outfit was planned in last minute when I was in rush for todays appointment with my dentist. I already thought I was going be late but everything turned okey.
I really like my Nike sneakers but I’m dying for Raf Simons x Adidas. Or anything from Raf.
Well maybe I will buy something when I’ll have my paycheck.




I was wearing …

Zara blazer, Tshirt & pants
Prada backpack
Nike sneakers

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Third day

Finally today was little bit more warmer and I decided to wear floral/jungle print and beige pants.
For a bag I used shopping bag I got in Louis Vuitton, Venice.




I was wearing…
Zara sweatshirt
Zara pants
Kenzo shoes
Louis Vuitton paper bag

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Second Day

I can say Fall has really begun. It’s cold, rainy, everything is wet and sky is grey.
Today was quite cold outside so I had to put on my self something more warmer than yesterday. So I did.
For todays look I choose Black n White combination with some wrist accessories.

photo 2-1

photo 4

photo 3-1


I was wearing … 

River Island shirt
Parental Advisory sweatshirt
Zara pants
Dr. Martens boots
Marc by Marc Jacobs fabric bag


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First day

1st September. The horror of horrors. Is this time of the year when another stressful, hardworking and sleepless year starts.
But I decided to take a new challenge, to ask one of my school friends to take pictures my outfit. Daily. So I really hope that I will posting almost every day. Well I know I will not be posting on the day when we will be having drawing class.
So have an amazing new school year and see you soon!


I was wearing …
Zara pants
Zara Electric Indigo sweater
David Naman trench coat
Zara bag
Selected Homme George Brogues shoes

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Kristen & Company

I am super excited to share with you that I designed my first print for t-shirt, which was already sent for printing and my first and only one (for now) t-shirt has arrived!
So all that happened when I was sick for few days and I got little bit bored and I start playing with photoshop.

I was always fascinated about supermodel Kristen McMenamy which was really big in 90’s with her androgynous looks and now with long bleached blonde/gray hair. I got an idea, when I typed i-D magazine covers (which is my second holy bible) in Google Image search, and I found summer 2011 cover, starring Kristen.

*i-D is one of my favorite magazines because it is so different, youthful, full of great ideas and inspiring people.
In this print I also added black stripes in different sizes, crystals and one of my favorite flowers; Birds of paradise.

DSC_4564 DSC_4503

These photos below are one of many I used to design my print, where I was playing with things I like. I really liked Kristen’s 90’s Princess Diana look-a-like hair style, but I chose i-D cover for summer 2011.


DSC_4563 DSC_4574 DSC_4494

For this outfit I  used Kenzo envelope as a clutch, Prada ribbon as a bracelet, black leather with zipper detail braclet and I also added my watch in gold & silver.




I was wearing … 

Mr.Kobe T-shirt
Zara pants
Dr. Martens boots
Kenzo envelope
Zara bracelet


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I think that was one of my best summer vacation ever! With all of work, photoshoots and still to little posts on my blog I decided to plan a trip to magical Venice, Italy.
Well it was most a shopping spree and not so much of sight-seeing. But it was so much fun to see Venice again! There is just something really special about this city… Time just stops here and goes by slower.
So because in my home city we don’t have designer boutiques I was headed to all of them to see latest collections. First I went to Louis Vuitton where I purchased a travel guide for my trip to London in March (and they gave me a really big bag with it), some perfume samples in Salvatore Ferragamo, catalogues and monthly magazine at Hermés and last and not least my favorite ; Prada – my holy place.
It was time to refill my Prada Infusion D’Homme fragrance and also I found this really cute T-shirt.

IMG_4335 img_4337 img_4339 img_4375IMG_4291

I was wearing…

Zara shirt
Zara pants
Nike sneakers
McQ by Alexander McQueen sunglasses
Louis Vuitton clutch


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